Nathalie Tedrick is a SAG actress and professional Belly Dancer, native to the San Francisco Bay Area. She toured extensively with The Bellydance Superstars and has more recently performed with Thievery Corporation and Beats Antique. Nathalie is thrilled to be working under Zoe Jakes as a company dancer in Coven Dance Company. Nathalie and Zoe are the founders of Danse De La Lune Festival, a world-class dance festival set for 2021 in Sonoma Valley, CA.


Nathalie's work has been featured on PBS, BBC, ABC, national and international commercials, music videos, and film. She began her performance career as a lead actress with Avalon Players Shakespeare Company, later developing her technique in various Los Angeles studios under the direction of Deb Aquila, Brian Reise, Cliff Osmond, Donna Morong, Erin Cardillo, Jen Dede, Wendy Haines, and locally in the Bay Area with Rachael Adler. As a child, her primary dance instructor was Amee Alioto of Sonoma, CA who taught her Jazz and Tap. As a teenager she studied Belly Dance with Anne Ziemienski of Glen Ellen, CA  and later with Terry DelGiorno of San Rafael, CA. Nathalie is regularly training with Zoe Jakes in her weekly class offerings, and attributes much of her growth as a Belly Dancer to the other principal dancers of the Bellydance Superstars, with whom she toured internationally from age nineteen to twenty-six. Nathalie loves teaching and performing regularly throughout the Bay Area and beyond.